Tous ruraux is a movement that aims to reaffirm the importance of strong rural roots for all Quebecers. Initiated by Solidarité rurale du Québec (SRQ) and supported by Union des producteurs agricoles, La Coop fédérée, Desjardins, Tous ruraux wants to rebuild the bridges between urban and rural people to make them aware of their interdependence and complementarity.

Since the États généraux du monde rural summit in 1991, which sounded the alarm on the crisis in rural areas, giving rise to SRQ, the entire rural world has changed significantly. It is time to present rurality as it is today and to question what it should be tomorrow.

Tous ruraux is driven by Fred Pellerin and several ambassadors throughout Quebec. In May 2018, a large gathering will be held in Quebec City bringing together actors from all walks of life who will reaffirm their commitment to rural life. From it will emerge a proposal on renewed rurality that will be submitted to Quebecers to create a genuine social contract between rural and urban people.

Together, let’s rekindle the flame of rural life in the hearts of Quebecers.
Because deep down, we are all rural!